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EZPZ 0-100 Mentorship

Your Best Chance At Consistently Booking High Paying Clients


Prolific Party Planning Strategy

Learn how to party plan like an expert and get paid what you are worth.

Delegation Mastery

Learn the importance of delegating so you can become super productive.

Client Attraction Mastery

Learn how to attract high paying clients and work with them on multiple occassions.

Vendor Selection Strategy

Learn how to select premium vendors that have the best prices so you can make healthy profits.

If you are 1 of the 5 people we choose to work with, you will learn the insider secrets of the event planning industry!

Here's what you will get:


$20,000 Value

10 Week Program

You will have access to our 10 week program with exclusives trainings from Kim.

$10,000 Value

Coaching and Community

You will get the coaching you need to excel, and be around a community who supports your goals and hold you accountable.

$15,000 Value

EZPZ Hiring

You will be learn our processes for hiring team members that will help grow you business.

$25,000 Value

Business Credit

You will learn how to access business credit to fund your events.

Business Resources

You will get access to resources that will help you excel faster than you ever could imagine.

Full Course Access

You will get exclusive access to all of the EZPZ courses and masterclasses.


Special Guest Speakers

Learn how structure your event planning like the best in the business. Understand how to use business credit, how to master your branding, content creation strategies and much more. You will have some surprise guest speakers that will help you accelerate your business growth in ways you couldn't even imagine.


Get access to recordings of the Plan 4 Profit Challenge for 1 year. Also you will be able to join VIP for the entire year as well without paying for any tickets.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

Team Building



Complete the process by showing your commitment and paying $1,000 initial Non-Refundable payment now.

There are several ways you can take care of the balance:

1. We have a finance company who will finance the balance for you. As long as your credit score is 620+ and you can provide documents to verify your income to support the payments.

2. You can borrow it from someone or use business credit and pay it back as you make money.

3. You would pay 3 payments of $4,000 or 2 payments of $5,500 or 1 payment of $10,000.